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[Medmain] About our Treatment of Personal Information Collected Through Personal Recruiting

At Medmain Inc. (“the Company” below), we only use the CV/resume, work history, and other such personal information of every applicant to the extent necessary to achieve the following purposes. Please agree to the purposes of collection and use outlined below before continuing with you application.

Purposes of Collection and Use
Recruitment and Consideration
The Company uses the personal information of applicants to:
 ・consider application material during the recruitment process, and determine whether an applicant meets the personal, skill, and professional criteria that the Company seeks in interviews;
 ・contact applicants about arranging interview dates and times;
 ・confirm the results of previous applications to the Company;
 ・create the statistical data required when shaping future recruitment policies.

Necessary Company Entry Procedures
When an applicant successfully enters the Company, the personal information of said applicant is used to:
 ・perform the human resource and labor management necessary.

The Company will not submit the personal information of an applicant to any third party except when an applicant’s permission has been obtained or when required to do so by law. In addition, the personal information of an applicant may be deposited with a subcontractor in the course of fulfilling the purposes of use noted above.

Safety Management
The CV/resume, work history, and other such application material that the Company receives from every applicant are strictly maintained in accordance with document management regulations stipulated by the Company. After the expiration of a set storage period, these materials will be disposed of in an appropriate manner.
Please note that the Company cannot return any application materials. We ask for your kind understanding in this matter.

Excluding some exceptional cases, applicants may request the disclosure of their personal information collected by the Company in accordance with procedures stipulated separately by the Company. In such cases, a disclosure fee may be charged. In addition, applicants may request the revision or deletion of said information in accordance with procedures stipulated by the Company.
However, the preceding does not apply to any such information relating to the Company’s considerations in the event that an applicant is not hired.

Please contact Medmain Inc. if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the treatment of your personal information, or would like to request its disclosure, revision, or deletion.
If this information/content differs from the original Japanese version, you agree that the meaning of the original Japanese version.

Recruitment Team, Medmain Inc.
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   E-mail Address: recruit@medmian.com