グローバルオペレーションズ / Global Operations at Mercari

仕事内容 / Job Description
グローバルオペレーションズ / Global Operations at Mercari




In addition to our Japan offices, Mercari currently has three international offices located in San Francisco, Portland, and London. The Global Operations Team helps out first and foremost with the various translation/interpretation needs that arise between these different offices. We also handle a variety of other areas including product localization, management of intercultural/language training for employees, global HR, etc.

▼Job Description

・Translation of documents to aid Mercari's global expansion, mainly from JA into EN
・Translation of mobile app specifications and other internal documents (EN↔JA)
・Interpreting at meetings (EN↔JA)
・Planning and coordination of intercultural seminars, meetup events, etc.
・Promotion of Mercari’s global hiring efforts
・Support for international members in Mercari’s Tokyo office
・Various other internationalization projects
応募資格 / Qualifications

・アジリティのある方: 環境の変化に柔軟に対応し、様々なことを吸収して成長することが出来る
・好奇心のある方: クリエイティブで、メルカリのサービスを改善する、よりイノベーティブなアイデアを常に考えることが出来る

▼Minimum Requirements
・Native level English / Business level Japanese
・JLPT Level 2 or similar qualifications
・Knowledge of PC, smartphone and web services
・2+ years experience translating/interpreting

▼Additional Qualifications
・Ability to work independently as part of a team
・Strong interest in translation, localization and technology
・Strong writing and communication skills
・Agility – quick to learn/improve and adjust yourself to the needs of a constantly evolving work environment
・Curiosity – creative and always looking for ways to innovate/improve Mercari’s services
・Experience in hiring and onboarding new employees of all backgrounds
雇用形態 / Contract Type
正社員 / 契約社員

Permanent / Contract
*Probationary Period: 3 months (salary same as above)
勤務地 / Location

Mercari HQ (near Roppongi station)
勤務時間 / Work Hours
※フレックスタイム制度あり(コアタイム 12:00~16:00(休憩60分))

Fixed working hours 10:00-19:00
※Flex time (core hours 12:00-16:00, 60 minute lunch)
給与 / Salary

Annual salary, paid monthly
Based on your experience, skills, and potential
Reviewed twice a year
休日・休暇 / Holidays

5-day work week (Sat/Sun off)
National holidays, paid time off, summer/New Year's vacation, congratulatory leave, compassionate leave
待遇・福利厚生 / Benefits

・Health insurance
・Incentive program
・Employee stock ownership plan
・Full transportation coverage
・Custom PC
・Dual screen if needed
・Company smartphone
・Visa support
メルカリ新人事制度 / New Employee Benefits at Mercari

▽新人事制度 Mercari HR system 『mercibox』

応募方法 / How to apply

Please apply via the entry form

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