【About Merpay】
Even though Merpay will offer virtual wallets and other related services, we are not just a payment services company. Our goal is much more - weʼre aiming to create a more seamless society by reenvisioning the existing societal infrastructure. Our plan starts with providing a service that allows users to carry out payment related transactions of all kinds through a single system, streamlining the flow of money and taking the hassle out of payment.


At Merpay, we're imagining a future where our users will be able to sell items they no longer need on Mercari, then use their newly accrued balance to make a payment at a nearby store. However, in order to win the trust of both partner stores and customers to use Merpay in their daily transactions, we must first build a robust, secure, and flexible payment system.

Leveraging the flexibility of this system, we plan to provide asset management, investment, insurance, and other payment related services as well moving forward.

▼ 業務内容


▼Job Description
In order to accommodate the wide range of different services Merpay plans to offer, a flexible and yet sturdy architecture will be indispensable. For this, we are looking for people who can help design microservice-based systems and work on implementing new functionality into existing services at a team level."

As we partner with various restaurants, supermarkets, and other retail/online stores to adopt Merpay as a payment method, their decision depends largely on the ease with which they can introduce our system into their existing workflow. Part of this position will be SDK development and the construction of sandbox environments for use by developers in partner organizations using Merpay.

Customers utilizing Merpay will carry out payments through a sleek UI and their requests will be passed through the SDK to Merpay's API. To achieve this, you will also be responsible for implementing a layered API integrated with each individual microservice.

We assign each member to a position that best matches their individual experience and interests.

▼ 働き方

同じフロアで活動するメルカリ・ソウゾウ・メルペイに垣根はなく、Slack上でアーキテクチャのディスカッションをし、GitHubでPull Requestを送り合い、社内Wikiで専門性の高いナレッジを共有しあうオープンな社風です。Go Friday / Swift Wednesday / Hard Things Android といった社内のメンバーであれば誰でも参加できるエンジニア向けの勉強会を週次で開催していて、エンジニア同士で技術を高め合っています。入社する以前に、GoでWebアプリケーションを開発した経験がないメンバーもいますが、社内のコミュニティによって早期にGopher化しています。各自の専門性を活かして社内ならびに社外のエンジニアコミュニティに対してプレゼンスを発揮しながら、さらに専門性を高めています。

▼Working at Merpay
In order to understand just what is required for Merpay to succeed on a global scale, we send each and everyone of our members-regardless of position-to Shanghai in order to experience a city of the future firsthand.
We believe that by witnessing Shanghai's widespread adoption of mobile payments and other internet based services, our employees will naturally come to understand the challenges that lie in front of us and will gain the necessary insight to develop a world-class product.

The Mercari Group consists of highly talented members in project-based teams, creating microservices and working together to create the best possible product.

We share our workspace with Mercari and Souzoh. Members of each company often share and discuss architecture and work related matters openly on Slack, through GitHub pull requests, and make information accessible in our internal wiki system.
There are also a number of weekly internal study groups and events such as "Go Friday", "Swift Wednesday", or "Hard Things Android" where anyone within the Mercari Group is welcome to join and learn something new from their fellow colleagues.

A handful of employees had no experience writing web applications in Go beforehand, but over time and thanks to our knowledge sharing culture became diehard Gophers. We encourage each and every one of our engineers to constantly improve their engineering expertise through active engagement with communities, both inside and outside the company.

インフラ: Google Cloud Platform
(Compute Engine, Kubernetes Engine, App Engine, Cloud SQL, Datastore, Storage, Stackdriver Logging, Dataflow, Pub/Sub, etc.)
構成管理ツール: Terraform
分析基盤:BigQuery / Data Studio / chartio
モニタリング:Stackdriver Monitoring / Datadog
その他:Circle CI / GitHub / Slack / JIRA / Crowi / Spinnaker / Sentry
開発手法 : Agile (Scrum, Kanban, etc.)

■Tech Stack■
Language: Go
Infrastructure: Google Cloud Platform
(Compute Engine, Kubernetes Engine, App Engine, Cloud SQL, Datastore, Storage, Stackdriver Logging, Dataflow, Pub/Sub, etc.)
Configuration management tool: Terraform
Analysis: BigQuery / Data Studio / chartio
Monitoring: Stackdriver Monitoring / Datadog
Other: Circle CI / GitHub / Slack / JIRA / Crowi / Spinnaker / Sentry
Development method: Agile (Scrum, Kanban, etc.)


・Developing web applications with Go; API development
・Making service improvements and efficacy judgments based on qualitative/quantitative analysis carried out with user activity logs, etc.
・Designing architecture based on the needs of specific applications and selecting middleware
・Identifying challenges facing users through surveys/analysis and taking concrete action to solve these challenges
▼ 必須条件

▼ Minimum Requirements
・Experience/knowledge regarding development of web applications (we use Go, but please feel free to apply even if you're experienced in other languages)
・Experience/knowledge regarding basic frontend web development (HTML, Javascript, CSS)
・Experience in designing data models using relational databases (MySQL) and making efficient data requests
・Knowledge of secure programming practices in regards to web application development

▼ 歓迎するスキルや経験

▼ Optional Requirements
・Experience working as a developer in a challenging environment such as a new startup or
a company aiming to change its product's direction during a period of growth
・Understanding of machine learning, search engines, natural language processing, etc., and experience working on a product designed for users
・Experience developing applications/working with a frontend engineer to develop APIs for mobile applications
・Capable of conveying personal ideas (concepts, prototypes, etc.) to fellow members in an easy to understand manner
・Experience in a tech lead/management position or in improving workplace processes
・Experience carrying out statistical analysis and designing A/B tests
・Experience carrying out surveys, analysis, and evaluation regarding user experience and reflecting those findings in the development process
・Experience developing/operating systems with large-scale traffic
・Knowledge/experience debugging and analysing Go frameworks/libraries source code for problem solving purposes


※Trial Period :3 months (salary same as above)

※フレックスタイム制度あり(コアタイム 12:00~16:00(休憩60分))

Fixed working hours 10:00-19:00
※Flex time (core hours 12:00-16:00, 60 minute lunch)

Annual salary, paid monthly
Based on your experience, skills and potential
Reviewed twice a year

5-day work week (Sat/Sun off)
National holidays, paid time off, summer/New Year's vacation, congratulatory leave, compassionate leave


・Health insurance
・Incentive program
・Employee stock ownership plan
・Full transportation coverage
・Custom PC
・Dual screen if needed
・Company smartphone
・Visa support


▽『mercibox』 https://www.mercari.com/jp/jobs/#merci-box


Please apply via the form below
※Please submit source-code (GitHub account) or CV
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