Global Operations (Global Hiring and Onboarding Support)

Job Description
The Global Operations Team (GOT) is currently searching for an individual to help support Mercari’s global expansion by contributing to our international hiring efforts and working to strengthen the internal onboarding system for global members.

In addition to our Japan offices, Mercari currently has three international offices located in San Francisco, Portland, and London. GOT helps out first and foremost with the various translation/interpretation needs that arise between these different offices, but also handles internal translation/interpretation at the Tokyo headquarters. In addition to these responsibilities, GOT handles a variety of other tasks including product localization, management of intercultural/language training for employees, global HR, etc.

We are looking for talented individuals ready to hit the ground running, so if you feel that you have something to offer we ask you to reach out via the link below.

▼Job Description
・Help promote Mercari in order to accelerate global hiring efforts
・Improve onboarding support for international employees in Mercari’s Tokyo office
・Provide necessary administrative support for onboarding international employees
・Develop content for training programs to be used with incoming international employees
・Improve orientation content for new Mercari employees
・Create strategies and project roadmaps for various global hiring initiatives
・Assist with various other internationalization projects
▼Minimum Requirements
・Native level Japanese and/or English
・Business level English
・Experience in hiring and onboarding new employees of all backgrounds
・Interest in technology/technological trends
・Experience in developing programs for international employees to better integrate into the company and culture of Japan
・Exceptional operational and organizational skills
・Ability to collaborate with various teams and departments
・Strong writing and verbal communication skills

▼Additional Qualifications
・Ability to work independently as part of a team
・Strong interest in, or an ability to assist with, interpreting and translation tasks (Japanese <-> English)
・Agility – quick to learn, improve and adjust yourself to the needs of a constantly evolving work environment
・Curiosity – creative and always looking for ways to innovate/improve Mercari’s services
・Extensive international experience
Contract Type
Permanent / Contract
*Probationary Period: 3 months (salary same as above)
Work Hours
Fixed working hours 10:00-19:00
※Flex time (core hours 12:00-16:00, 60 minute lunch)
Annual salary, paid monthly
Based on your experience, skills, and potential
Reviewed twice a year
5-day work week (Sat/Sun off)
National holidays, paid time off, summer/New Year's vacation, congratulatory leave, compassionate leave
・Health insurance
・Incentive program
・Employee stock ownership plan
・Full transportation coverage
・Custom PC
・Dual screen if needed
・Company smartphone
・Visa support
New Employee Benefits at Mercari

▽ Mercari HR system 『mercibox』

How to apply
Please apply via the entry form



▽Learn more about GOT at the following link