Mercari Professional Internship quantum computing

募集の背景 / Background
Mercari BOLD Internshipに引き続き、新しいテクノロジーを使って、世の中に新しい価値を生み出すことを支援するインターンシップ、Mercari Professional Internshipをはじめます。

メルカリが世界をリードするテックカンパニーとなっていくためには、まだ一般化されていないような最新のテクノロジーに触れて、新しい知見を広めていく必要があります。Professional Internship第1弾として、今回は量子アニーリングのハードウェアを提供しているD-Wave(D-Wave Systems Inc.  を用いて、メルカリ内のデータを活用して最適化問題を探し、解いていきたいと思います。ここでいう最適化問題とは、決められた条件(制約条件)の元で、ある関数(目的関数)をもっとも大きくする場所とその値を探す問題を意味します。




Following our previous Mercari BOLD Internship, Mercari is pleased to offer the Mercari PROFESSIONAL Internship; an internship using new technology to create new value in the world.

In order for Mercari to become a leading global tech company, we need to use cutting-edge technology to broaden our knowledge and experience.
In the first offering of our PROFESSIONAL Internship, you will use quantum annealing hardware provided by D-wave (D-Wave Systems Inc. to find and solve optimization problems using real Mercari data.
An optimization problem is a problem which finds the best value of a function and that point under the given constraints.

Mercari has an extensive amount of data regarding transactions, as well as images and text from the items sold through our app.
Of the many tasks performed through Mercari, such as transactions, shipping, and matching, you will find tasks that can be modeled as optimization problems. You will then solve these problems using D-Wave’s quantum annealing, for a hands-on experience solving optimization problems at never-before-seen speeds!

Finding optimization problems, modeling, and converting them to the Ising model is no easy task.
But don’t worry - we’ll have a quantum annealing specialist, Professor Masayuki Ohzeki from Tohoku University, here to supervise this experiment!
Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to research quantum annealing with Professor Ohzeki!

We’re looking forward to hearing from applicants who want to find solutions to never-before-solved problems with quantum annealing!
仕事内容 / Job Description

1) Find and model optimization problems at Mercari
2) Solve these modeled problems using D-Wave
実施期間 / Internship Period

The period of the internship will be decided to match the needs of accepted participants.
応募資格 / Qualifications

Open to all students regardless of program, department, or year.
雇用形態 / Contract Type

勤務地 / Location

応募方法 / How to Apply


課題①好きな最適化問題はなんですか? 課題②メルカリで最適化したい問題を教えてください ※各400字以上、600字以内

Click the ENTRY button at the bottom of this page and fill out the form. The following questions should be answered in the “Other notes” field.

Question 1: What is your favorite optimization problem? Question 2: Describe a problem in Mercari you would like to optimize. (Each answer should be between 800-1200 characters.)

報酬 / Pay

Hourly wage (Salary: Negotiable)
その他 / Other

Transportation expenses will be reimbursed.