QA Engineer / QAエンジニア

About PayPay / PayPayについて
▼About PayPay
PayPay, a fintech company, that achieved more than 30M users in a little bit less than 2 years since its launch in 2018 has hugely diversified employees who are from 35 different countries. The number of employees by now is more than 1,000 staff members, and yet the company is still incomplete and at a growing stage.

To build "PayPay", we allied with Paytm, the biggest payment service company in India. Based on their customer-first technologies , we created and expanded the smartphone payment service in Japan.

Our biggest competitor is "cash". We are seeking for people who can accept this challenge positively, brush up the product at a tremendous speed that other companies could never achieve, and who are passionate about promoting and spreading such a financial life platform in a short time along with professionalism.

About our working style, we had introduced a new personnel system called WFA (Working From Anywhere). At PayPay, we work fully remotely in Japan. Therefore, the working place or your living place doesn't matter. Even if you are living in a local area, the salary and benefit package will be at an international level while you enjoy working with world class colleagues. You will find such a way of working at PayPay!

また、働き方に関してもWFA(Working From Anywhere)制度など、新しい人事制度を採り入れてます。当社は基本的にフルリモートでの勤務となる為、勤務場所や現在の居住地は問いません。 地方に暮らしながらも国際都市水準の給料・福利厚生を得ながら、世界レベルの仲間と仕事をする。 そんな働き方もPayPayでは実現できます。
Responsibilities / 業務について
・Utilizing the Testing Methodology, analyzes testing requirements as the basis for developing testing scenarios for a test level to be executed on a project.
・Designs testing scenarios and test cases that will demonstrate conformance to all functional and non-functional requirements, relative to the test level, as defined in business or technical specifications.
・Executes tasks related to the production of the test cases, test scripts, and test data.
・Analyzes the results of the testing process and recommends solutions.
・Supports knowledge management and collaboration through participation in testing discussions, communities and improving testing collateral through lessons learned.
・Performs work assigned by others.
・Accountable for own work.
Qualifications / 求めるスキル/経験
・Minimum 2 or more years of experience in running and maintaining automated test cases for mobile apps, web apps, or APIs.
・Professional experience in using one of following frameworks/tools - Appium for mobile apps , Selenium for web-based apps, or unirest/Rest Assured for API's.
・Well versed in using Cucumber for all test cases.
・Well versed in using Continuous Integration and Continuous Development tools, like Jenkins/Bitrise or any other.
※Please note that our main coding language for backend/server side is Java. During the QA selection process, you will have a coding challenge during which you can select coding language from Java,Javascript, or C++.
・モバイルアプリ向けAppium、ウェブベースアプリ向けSelenium、APIのunirest/Rest Assuredなどのフレームワークやツールの実務経験。
Preferred Qualifications / 歓迎するスキル/経験
・Experience in running performance tests using Gatling/Wrk/Jmeter.
・Experience in Docker and Kubernetes.
・Coding experience in building web or mobile based apps.
・Experience in bash or other CLI scripting
・Curiosity and passion about learning new technologies is a definite plus!
・Docker and Kubernetesの経験。
Location / 勤務地
Minato-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
  NOTE: You could be transferred to any branch office PayPay owns.
PayPay Careers / 待遇・条件
• Company: PayPay Corporation
• Forms of employment: Permanent Staff
• Salary: Based on experience, skills, performance and contribution.
  NOTE: Pay day is on 25th of every month.
• Salary Increase: Reviewed based on performance evaluation and PayPay's business performance.
  NOTE: In principle, you will be reviewed for a raise once in a year.
• Evaluation System: You will be evaluated based on your performance and contribution to PayPay.
• Working Hours: In principle, from 10:00am to 18:45pm (actual working hours: 7h45m+1 hour lunch break from 12pm to 13pm in principle)
※Work from remote in principle
   1. We use super flextime system which do not set core hours.
   2. Some divisions have exceptions (e.g.: regular working hours, shift work, alternative work schedule and etc.)
   3. We may have overtime work based on business needs.
   4. Reduced working hours for those who have to take care of their children and/or family members.
• Days Off: Saturdays and Sundays. National holidays. Year end holidays from December 29th to January 4th.
• Holidays: Annual paid leave, congratulatory or condolence leave, maternity leave, sick/injured child care leave, family care leave and etc.
• Various Allowances: Overtime allowance, late-night work allowance and Work from home allowance (100,000JPY/year)
• Benefits: Social insurance (health insurance, employee pension, employment insurance and compensation insurance,) defined contribution pension system (TBC) and etc.
• Training Program: We have various training programs for different kinds of needs.
• Contract Period: Employment at will.
• Probationary Period: In principle, we regard the first 3 months as the probationary period.
• Retirement Age: 60 years old.
• Others: PC and phone are given (based on the company’s regulations)
• 企業名:PayPay株式会社
• 雇用形態:正社員
• 給与: 経験、スキル、実績、貢献による。
注: 給与支給日は毎月25日とする。
• 昇給: 個人の業績評価およびPayPayの経営実績による。
注: 原則的に、昇給評価の実施は1回/年。
• 評価システム: 個人の業績および会社への貢献度で評価されます。
• 勤務時間: 午前10時から午後6:45(原則) (実労働時間: 7時間45分+1時間休憩(午後12から午後1時まで(原則))

   1. コアタイムを設定しないスーパーフレックス制度を採用しています。
   2. 部署によっては例外となります。(通常勤務時間、シフト制、交代勤務など)
   3. 業務上の都合により時間外労働が発生する場合があります。
   4. 子育て・介護をするスタッフの時短勤務制度を実施しています。
• 休日: 土日祝(週休2日)、国民の祝日、年末年始(12月29日から1月4日)。
• 休暇: 年次有給休暇, 慶弔休暇、出産休暇、疾病のある子の看護休暇、介護休暇等。
• 各種手当: 残業手当、深夜勤務手当、在宅勤務手当(年間10万円)
• 福利厚生: 社会保険(健康保険、厚生年金、雇用保険、労災保険)、確定拠出年金制度(TBC)等。
• 研修プログラム:要件に応じて各種あります。
• 契約期間: 期間の定めなし
• 試用期間:3カ月(原則)
• 定年: 60歳
• その他: パソコン、電話等の貸与あり。(会社規定による)
Hiring Process / 選考の流れ
1. Application Review (1-2 weeks) We review your profile based on your submitted materials.
2. Code challenge (online) We send you a code challenge after reviewing resume. Please be prepared to take code challenge after submitting your application! It takes about 3-4 hours max. to complete.
3. 1 - 3 Interviews (online) You will have 1 to 3 interviews with our engineers and HR.

※After you passed 1st interview, you will have a reference check. We will announce you in detail after you pass the 1st interview.
1. 書類選考(1-2週間)
2. コードチャレンジ(オンライン) *書類選考通過後、コーディング課題をお送りします。応募書類ご提出後は準備をお願いします。3-4時間(max)のコーディングになります。
3. 面接 (オンライン) 1~3回:当社エンジニアおよび人事部による面接が1-3回あります。

※1次面接通過後、リファレンスチェックを実施しております。 詳細は通過後にお知らせいたします。