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■採⽤時の同意事項に関して / Job Applicant Terms of Agreement
※See below for details in English, or, you can also confirm the same documentation from the below link:














当社では、⽶国法⼈HIREVUE, INC. (以下、HIREVUE社といいます)が提供するデジタル⾯接システムを採⽤する場合があります。なお、デジタル⾯接を受けることが困難な場合には、個別に当社にご連絡いただきますようお願い申し上げます。








Job Applicant Terms of Agreement
■About personal information you disclose upon application
PayPay may ask applicants to provide their personal information such as online application form, Japanese style resume, curriculum vitae and etc. Also, PayPay may ask applicants to provide some more information which PayPay believes is necessary for PayPay’s screening process.

Applicants must declare that all the information submitted to PayPay is true, correct and complete. Applicants must understand that PayPay may withdraw or cancel the screening process or their employment if information or documents provided are found to be false, incorrect or incomplete.

PayPay shall use the provided personal information as below.

■Use of personal information
To identify applicants, information such as name, gender, date of birth will be in use.

We shall use or provide to third parties your information, which is filled in your resume/CV and other application documents, including your working career, reasons for your application, your qualifications and annual income, and information on our assessment reports of any tests that you are required to undertake in the selection process, personal references, medical checkup report, and other necessary documents for selection purposes.

To make inquiries and replies concerning your application and to inform you of the date and time for a selection interview, we use information on your phone number, e-mail address, home address and other contact information.

To manage application records, we will use histories of employment applications and selection results.

If you are hired after the selection process, we will use information to identify you as a specific individual, including your name, resume/CV, qualifications and other relevant information for personnel labor management.

We may contact past applicants, who excused from the selection process, declined job offers, and those who were rejected, to invite them to our employment selection process in the future. To contact, we use their contact information, including phone numbers, e-mail addresses and home addresses.

To study and review the current requirement method and employment selection method, we conduct various types of analyses, as necessary, by using information, including your age, region where you live, your working career, and positions you applied for.

PayPay shall comply with laws and regulations and use or provide applicants’ personal information to conduct a fair screening process. PayPay shall not collect, use or provide for purposes other than ensuring a fair screening process any information concerning race, ethnicity, social status, lineage, permanent address, place of birth, any other matters which could cause social discrimination, creed, and labor union membership.

■Disclosure of personal information to third parties
PayPay may disclose applicants' personal information to our contractors to collect and analyze the information after signing the outsourcing agreement.

PayPay shall conduct a reference check and a background check(hereinafter collectively referred to as “Hiring Investigation”) on the applicants who are close to the final round of the interviews or getting an offer.

To conduct a Hiring Investigation, based upon the information on submitted Japanese style resume and curriculum vitae such as educational background, job history, qualifications and any other information, PayPay or its subcontractors shall provide to applicants' universities, past and current employers and any other related institutions applicants' name, gender, birthday and any other information necessary to conduct a Hiring Investigation.

PayPay shall not disclose any personal information of applicants to any third party without obtaining applicants' consent, unless otherwise authorized by law or other regulations.

■Video interviews
We may use video interviewing system provided by HireVue, Inc. (hereafter referred to as "HireVue"), headquartered in the U.S. If you have any difficulties to conduct video interview, please let us know.

Personal information (hereafter includes video recorded during our interviews with applicants), which applicants will disclose through the video interviewing system, is obtained by HireVue and then provided to us via HireVue.

The handling of personal information obtained by HireVue is subject to HireVue's privacy policy

We provide HireVue with data on selection results (hereafter referred to as "Selection Results Data") in order for HireVue to improve the quality of services. HireVue manages Selection Results Data in accordance with HireVue’s privacy policy. In this, notwithstanding the provisions of HireVue’s privacy policy, HireVue will not use Selection Results Data for purposes other than creating statistics data, from which specific individuals cannot be identified (hereafter referred to as "Statistics Data").

HireVue will remove personal information, excluding Statistics Data, after a certain period of time has elapsed.

*For original English version of HireVue's privacy policy, click the link below.

■Management of personal information
We strictly manage personal information applicants have provided us with and we have obtained.

■Non Disclosure Agreement
Regardless of their screening results, applicants shall not divulge, disclose or provide any information concerning PayPay's screening process or any information on PayPay that is considered secret (which including, but not limited to, any information PayPay considers secret. Also any information that is publicly known is excluded.)
■Contact information
For inquiries concerning your applications, please contact us at the email address below.
mail address:paypay-career-info@paypay-corp.co.jp