Frontend Engineer

Job Description

[About us]

We are a technology company working on digitalizing international trading, and the first digital forwarding company in Japan (aiming to become No. 1 in Asia). We are building a multi-sided digital platform which allows both customers (importer/exporter) and operators to efficiently and fluidly process international trade workflows, which are today processed mostly through human labor. Our platform currently covers freight forwarding and we are aiming to expand our coverage throughout the international trade supply chain.

[Our mission]

At Shippio we are focused on revolutionizing the legacy industry of logistics. We plan to do away with the old way of tracking things on paper and by hand with a centralized platform that provides an easy to use dashboard for automatic data entry and document generation.

[About you]

We’re looking for passionate engineers who love coding and creating great products. Because we need to evolve fast in a sea with big fishes, we are looking for highly ambitious engineers who want to work on major aspects of the Shippio product — from the back-end through to the end user experience. You will develop web applications in collaboration with project managers, designers, and back-end engineers while providing perspectives and recommendations to enhance user experiences.

[Position description]

We created our product 3 years ago and realised last year that it was not aligned with the business strategy anymore. Thus last summer, we took the decision to rebuild it from scratch. We used this opportunity to move our FE stack from Vue.js to React.js as the team was eager to learn. We currently have 2 web-apps and will soon have a 3rd one, each with different user stories and challenges.

  • Develop web applications using React.js
  • Product quality improvement through code review and teamwork
  • Critical analysis
  • Achieve service compliance, stability, ease of use, and flexibility for continuous improvement

[Key requirements]

  • Located in Japan
  • 2+ years of experience in web application development
  • Challenger, making small changes having huge impacts
  • Able to work smoothly in a multicultural environment
  • Good intra and inter-team communication skills
  • Valid work authorization or a degree in a related field for those requiring visa sponsorship
  • Business level English

[Preferred skills]

  • Communication skills in Japanese are highly appreciated
  • Intellectually curious and eager to take on new challenges
  • Interested in working on Business to Business development by leveraging your own development experience
  • Able to approach products from a user-first perspective
  • Understand the back-end constraints and be able to design an API call

[Our Current Stack]

We have a Ruby + RoR Back-End, deployed on AWS, we use GraphQL for API manipulation and our Front End is in React.js. However we are always looking for opportunities to use new technologies and languages so we would be happy to hear about your favourite technological stack!

[Portrait of our crewmembers]

A person who embodies our core values (Anchors) (in Japanese)

  • [Be courageous and decisive] People who aren't afraid to take on challenges and don't let precedent stand in the way of accomplishing goals
  • [Strive for greatness] People who can accept constructive criticism and are willing to continually improve themselves.
  • [Believe in your fellow crewmates] People who enjoy developing as a team. Someone who can help team members grow and learn from them.

[Portrait of our Front-End Engineers]

  • You don’t fall for the hype.
  • You are an HTML & CSS aficionado.
  • You don’t mind peer reviews, you love them.
  • You already chose between frontend and backend development.
  • You tend to solve your problems with code, not dependencies.
  • You love JavaScript ES2018 (ES2015, at least).
  • You are comfortable working both in a team and also working independently to ensure goals are achieved.
  • Quality of code is your priority and you follow best practices.
  • You have an ability to foresee where your interfaces may need to be altered to keep in line with the company strategy.