Full-stack Developer

Work Details
◆Collaborate with engineering teams to continue expanding and improving our dashboard in terms of both features and software quality.

◆Collaborate with engineering and customer success teams to investigate and resolve maintenance issues and integrate client feedback into our product.

◆Create new data structures and data processing workflows to support novel concepts according to business requirements.

◆Create web-based data access and editing workflows (CRUDS) from planning backend data flow to visually enabling such actions to users.

◆Create more complex data visualizations such as graphs and complex tables.

◆Contribute in other areas such as big data processing, ML models deployment, CI/CD and/or infrastructure related operations
What Separates Us From The Rest
<The Power To Impact Society>

『SpiderAF』 is a tool made to solve the current and complex issue of ad fraud. Currently, all customers who have been introduced to our product have been satisfied – with not a single cancellation to date in regards to not liking or not being happy with the service. By providing 『SpiderAF』 on a global scale, the advertising industry can become more secure and a safer environment for everyone involved.

<Superior Products and Technology>

We have confidence in the high-accuracy of our machine learning engines based on the achievements of our research team, whom a Ph.D. in physics engineer is a part of. Through automation and AI, our customers rate our product highly for its quality, cost, and user friendliness. There is no need for a high level of technical understanding to apply SpiderAF in the day to day workflow for our customers.

<Work Flexibility>

Our environment does not believe in micro management. We highly value independent productivity, so you can do your work however you see as fit! As a team, we will think about the process and framework of achieving our goals together, and the independent tasks you are assigned can be completed however you choose to work on them. Our corporate culture ultimately is about doing what we need to do, and going home early. Working long hours is not a virtue here, we focus on quality over quantity.

<Company Mood and Environment>

The average age of our employees is the early 30’s. Since everyone’s age is close, everyone can talk to each other earnestly and freely. We have no dress code, so clothing, hairstyles, nails, and makeup are completely up to you!

From various topics like company members going on stage at a variety of business related events all over the world, to having a diverse office made up of many different nationalities, and similarities among like minded with co-workers to make a productive yet fun working environment- Overall this is an office with a lot of values, thrills, and excitement to offer!

Our CEO also has 2 kids of her own, along with many other company members having young families. There is a deep understanding for raising children as well as quality time with family. We have paid parental leave, and many events where children are more than welcome to participate.
◆5-7 years of experience developing software with at least 3 years in web development with a framework using an MVC design pattern (e.g. Rails/Ruby, Phoenix/Elixir).

◆Experience with frontend technologies (e.g. HTML, CSS, LESS, etc), libraries (e.g. Bootstrap, Foundation, etc) and frameworks (e.g. VueJs, React, Angular, etc).

◆Desire to employ/learn the best software development practices to create readable, testable and maintainable software.

◆Conscious of potential security, scalability and maintainability issues while developing software so that these can be proactively prevented.

◆Understanding of technical constraints, development time and ability to adjust the approach accordingly.

◆Desire to work in a respectful, transparent, and collaborative work environment, following our company values, culture and ways of working
Must have:
・Backend Development

Other Required:
・Web Development

Nice to have:
・Google BigQuery
Nice To Have Experiences
◆Previous experience working with Elixir/Phoenix

◆Previous experience in startup environments

◆Fraud detection experience

◆Online and mobile advertisement knowledge
Job Type
Permanent Full-Time
Estimated Annual Salary
※Considerations will be made based on experience and skills.
Salary Negotiations:Once a year
Bonus:Once a year(Before Calculations)
【Office Details】
Tokyo office
Minamiaoyama ST Bldg. 4F
7-10-3 Minamiaoyama
Minato City, Tokyo 107-0062

Lisbon Office
R. Abranches Ferrão 23, 3º B
1600-892 Lisboa, Portugal
Work Hours
*Flex Time 10:00〜17:00
Employee Benefits
Transportation costs(with a cap) / complete social insurance coverage / housing allowance / business trip allowance / stock options / yearly promotion
■Partially remote
■Bonus once a year ※Depending on performance
■Premium Friday
■Online English Courses、Foreign Language Learning, Etc.
■No Dress Code
■Coffee Maker / Water Cooler
■ MacBook Provided
■Office Lunch Day (Every Wednesday)

In the future, we are planning on setting up a babysitter/support system for childcare. At the office, there are plenty of drinks and snacks provided as refreshments. In addition, lunch boxes are provided every Wednesday during lunch time. You can pick your own lunch box from the chosen restaurant for that week!
Days Off / Holidays
2 Days Off Per Week(Sat、Sun、Holidays)

■Vacation Days
■New Year’s Holiday
■Annual Paid Time Off
■Special Leave (Marriage / Funerals)
■Maternity Leave