Data Scientist

Job Description
We’re looking for an enthusiastic data scientist who is passionate about analyzing large datasets to gain insights that can create value for businesses worldwide.
Our main product, SpiderAF, is a fraud prevention service that simplifies how businesses fight ad fraud and improve their marketing ROAS.
You will have a key role here by creating and applying algorithms to prepare and analyze large amounts of data in order to identify and visualize patterns of interest that will improve our product.
Work Details
■Investigate datasets for patterns or trends that highlight problems or opportunities both for product improvement and company business development

■Create novel techniques, algorithms or models, to uncover fraudulent schemes

■Collaborate with data engineering teams in Tokyo to improve the collection and cleaning of large amounts of data from disparate data source
◆More than 3 years of experience in solving problems through data analysis in business using some tools (e.g. SQL, Python).

◆Desire to employ/learn the best practices on Machine Learning/Deep Learning to solving business problems.

◆Willing to continue the improvement cycle from MVP development in accordance with MLOps with consideration of technical debts.

◆Understanding of technical constraints, development time and ability to adjust the approach accordingly.

◆Desire to work in a respectful, transparent, and collaborative work environment, following our company values, culture and ways of working
【Must have】
■SQL, Python
■Reporting skills that logically summarize analysis results

【Nice to have】
■SQL (Google BigQuery, PostgreSQL)
■Web scraping with selenium (Python)
■Deep Learning (e.g. TensorFlow, PyTorch)
■Visualization skills
■Willing to catch up with new technologies
■English communication

【Nice to have Experiences】
■Experience in solving problems through data analysis in business (more than 3-5 years)
■Experience in project management related to data analysis
■Fraud detection experience
■Online and mobile advertisement knowledge
What Separates Us From The Rest
<The Power To Impact Society>

『SpiderAF』 is a tool made to solve the current hot topic issue of ad fraud. Currently, all customers who have introduced our product have been satisfied – with not a single cancellation to date. By providing 『SpiderAF』 to a larger degree, the industry can become a more secure platform.

<Superior Products and Technology>

We have confidence in the high-accuracy of our machine learning engines based on the achievements of our research team, whom a Ph.D. in physics engineer is a part of. Because of automation and AI, our customers rate our product highly for its quality, cost, and easy use without the need for human data scientists.

<Work Flexibility>

Because this is not a step by step kind of management, you can do your work however you want. As a team, we will think about the process of achieving our goals, but our corporate culture ultimately is about doing what we need to do and going home early. Working long hours is not a virtue here.

<Company Mood and Environment>

The average age of our workers is early 30’s. Because everyone’s ages are close, everyone can talk to each other earnestly. Clothing, hairstyles, nails, and makeup are also completely up to you.
Working under the sales manager, you can work with a sense of speed. With members going on stage at a variety of events, many different nationalities, and many things to share with co-workers - this is an office with a lot of thrills to offer!
Since our manager has 2 kids of her own, she has a deep understanding for raising children. There is paid parental leave along with many events where children can participate
Job Type
Permanent Full-Time
Estimated Annual Salary
※Considerations will be made based on experience and skills.
Salary Negotiations:Once a year
Bonus:Once a year(Before Calculations)
【Office Details】
Tokyo Office
7-10-3 Minamiaoyama, Minamiaoyama ST building 4F
Minato-ku, Tokyo-to

Lisbon Office
R. Abranches Ferrão 23, 3º B
1600-892 Lisboa, Portugal
Work Hours
*Flex Time 10:00〜17:00
Employee Benefits
Transportation costs(with a cap) / complete social insurance coverage / housing allowance / business trip allowance / stock options / yearly promotion

■Bonus once a year ※Depending on performance
■Premium Friday
■Online English Courses、Foreign Language Learning, Etc.
■No Dress Code
■Coffee Maker / Water Cooler
■ MacBook Provided
■Office Lunch Day (Every Wednesday)
■babysitter allowance (Partially provided)
■Drink and Snack
Days Off / Holidays
2 Days Off Per Week(Sat、Sun、Holidays)

■Vacation Days
■New Year’s Holiday
■Annual Paid Time Off
■Special Leave (Marriage / Funerals)
■Maternity Leave