Field Sales Manager (Canada)

Job Description

Umitron is looking for a candidate with a strong aquaculture background and proactive attitude to help Umitron expand into new markets. You will work closely with Umitron's Singapore and Japan team to develop new products and services for fish and shellfish farmers in your region.

  • Help to expand Umitron’s customer base and partnerships in key aquaculture markets.
  • Interview and hear feedback from farmers to help improve Umitron’s products.
  • Plan, network, and strategize to effectively grow Umitron’s footprint.
  • Enthusiasm for Umitron’s mission
  • Strong background in aquaculture sciences (salmon and shellfish preferred)
  • Experience in business development and marketing activities
  • Familiarity with cutting edge technologies
  • Experience in customer service and sales
  • Business English fluency
  • Contract term and hours are flexible
  • Canada
  • Work from home and occasional domestic travel
Work Hours
  • Flexible working hours
  • Based on your experience, skills and potential
How to apply
  • Please apply via the form below.
  • Please submit the contents of educational / working history.
Interview Process
  • Step1 Document review
  • Step2 Two to three interviews through video chat
About Umitron
UMITRON is a Singapore and Japan based deeptech company that aims to solve worldwide food and environmental problems by empowering aquaculture with technology. We build user-friendly data platforms for aquaculture by using IoT, satellite remote sensing, and AI technology. Our products help farmers improve farm efficiency, manage environmental risks, and increase business revenue. We make it easy for both small and large farmers to understand what is happening at their farm so that they can focus on sustainably producing high-quality fish, shellfish, and seaweed. Ultimately, we aim to “install Sustainable Aquaculture on Earth”.
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