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Terms and conditions
Hiring privacy policy

※Please read UMITRON PTE. LTD. and UMITRON K. K. (referred to below as “our company”) hiring privacy policy (referred to below as “this policy”) and proceed only if you agree with the conditions outlined below.

1. System for the management of personal information
The term “personal information” in this policy refers to the personal information of an individual included in their application, such as their name, birth date, personal descriptions, individually-assigned numbers or symbols and images/voice data that make it possible to identify the individual. (Even information that does not allow for identification of the individual on its own is still considered personal information if it can be easily referenced against other information in order to reveal an individual’s identity)

2. Applicant
The applicant is the individual providing personal information to our company for the purposes of hiring activities.

3. Management of personal information
Our company will endeavor to strictly manage the applicant’s personal information within reason, in order to prevent the information being illegally accessed by third parties.

4. Staff member in charge of personal information management
Masahiko Yamada, UMITRON PTE. LTD.

5. Purpose of personal information collection
Our company collects necessary personal information for the purposes of hiring full time employees, contract employees, interns, and part time employees.

6. Use of personal information and provision to third parties
Excluding the cases outlined below, we will not disclose the applicant’s personal information to third parties without their permission, and will only use the information for the purpose outlined in section 5.

(1) When we obtain the applicant’s permission.
(2) In the event that we hire external contractors for activities necessary to achieve the purposes described in section 5. (This includes if an external contractor is hired to undertake part of or all of our hiring activities or personal information management related activities. In these cases, our company will undertake measures to ensure the protection of the information, such as signing a personal information protection agreement with the external contractor.)
(3) When disclosing or providing information in a form that does not allow for the identification of individual applicants, such as statistical data, etc.
(4) When we are required to disclose or provide the information under the law.
(5) When the information is required to protect the life, body or assets of an individual, and the applicant’s permission is difficult to obtain.
(6) When the information is required to improve public health, and it is difficult to obtain the applicant’s permission.
(7) When we are required to cooperate with the activities of a national or local public entity, and obtaining the applicant’s permission would hinder these activities.

7. Provision of data for database server use
Personal information may be stored in full or in part on the database servers of an external company that we have partnered with after determining that they meet our standards for personal information data protection and after guaranteeing that we can carry out the necessary monitoring activities required to ensure that they uphold these standards. The responsibility of this external company is solely to maintain and manage the information, and they are not permitted to disclose, provide, or make use of the applicant’s information.

8. Result of not providing personal information
Our company collects personal information for the purposes outlined in part 5, and if the applicant does not provide the designated information, they may not be eligible to be considered for a position.

9. Disclosure, correction and deletion of personal information
In the event that our company receives a request for the disclosure, correction or deletion of personal information, we will respond in accordance with the applicable laws. If the applicant would like to correct information that they submitted through the application form, they can do so by submitting the updated information again through the application form.

10. Duration of personal information storage
In the event that we do not receive a request from the individual in question for the deletion of their personal information, we will store the information for a period of one year, regardless of the results of the hiring process. If the applicant would like to request that their information be deleted, they may do so by contacting the address in section 11.

11. Contact details
For information regarding the disclosure, correction and/or deletion of personal information, please send an email to the address below.
Contact email: hr(at)umitron.com
※Please replace the (at) with a @

12. Changes to the policy
Our company reserves the right to make changes to this policy without the prior consent of the applicant.